Sheet Waterproofing Membranes


Mataproof SilverSeal Sheet Waterproofing Membrane

SilverSeal is an active waterproofing system designed to seal and protect below grade, reinforced concrete structures. It's unique performance comes from the sealing function of the high-density PE membrane and the active water absorption of polymer impregnated fleece. SilverSeal replaces other conventional waterproofing materials such as bituminous liners, coatings and synthetic membranes.  

EasySeal, the polymer impregnated fleece, is available without the PE membrane and is compatible with any sheet membrane for projects where an active waterproofing layer is desired.

System Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to install due to lightweight construction
  • Can be installed in every season, regardless of temperature or weather condition
  • Tough and resistant with high-compound shear strength
  • Two sealing functions: Self-healing PE membrane and swelling polymers that seal small cracks in concrete
  • Overlaps detailed and sealed with CEM805 one-component adhesive


  • Below grade structure waterproofing - horizontal and vertical
  • Tunnels
  • Transit stations with below grade elements

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