Applications for Infrastructure

Facility Maintenance


Restoration and repair solutions for warehouses and logistics centers, manufacturing campuses, travel/fuel/service centers and other industrial complexes.

Nearly four million warehousing, manufacturing and transportation-related companies supply North America with goods and services. Maintaining these facilities is critical to their continued operation. FPT Infrastructure offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to protect, restore and sustain these vital assets. While we constantly adapt our products and systems for new applications, our most prevalent solutions are shown below and include:

  • Hot-applied concrete repair materials and asphalt mastic repair materials for spalls, cracks and surface defects
  • Cold-applied polymer sealants and repair mortars for horizontal, vertical and overhead structures
  • Liquid-applied waterproofing, protective coatings and wear surface systems for trafficked areas and structures
  • Methyl methacrylate-based materials for safety, directional and illustrative markings on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Expansion joint systems, control joint fillers and joint header material





Greyseal 6690

Matacrete Ready Rep

Matacryl Coatings

Matacryl Waterproofing

Mataspan Foam Expansion Joints