Concrete Repair Materials

Matacryl Sealer


Matacryl Sealer quickly seals cracks and densifies concrete decks to extend service life.

Matacryl® Sealer is a low viscosity, reactive resin concrete sealer based on methyl methacrylate (MMA). It is part of an innovative deck protection system that supports tight completion timelines of infrastructure projects and ensures long-term performance and resilience.

Matacryl Sealer is applied to prepared, horizontal concrete surfaces to penetrate surface cracks and provides a flexible, protective deck coating upon curing. It functions to prevent water and contaminant intrusion that can cause deterioration of concrete and substructures. Upon curing, it densifies the concrete decks and extends deck life. It may be used as a flood coat, full deck treatment or localized/direct crack treatment on concrete. 

System Benefits:

  • Rapid cure times within 45 minutes for quick return to service
  • Low viscosity allows it to penetrate concrete decks to seal pores, cracks and densify surface concrete
  • Easy to mix and apply


  • Bridge decks, sidewalks and ramps
  • Airport runways, taxiways and tarmacs
  • Facility trafficked areas and warehouse floors
  • Parking garage decks, ramps and spaces
  • Precast concrete components





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