Applications for Infrastructure

Concrete and Asphalt Maintenance and Repair


From crack fill to major spall repair, FPT supports, fills, coats, reinforces, seals, and protects roads, highways, bridges and other drive surfaces.

FPT Infrastructure's flagship products, Fibrecrete and SAMIscreed, lead the industry in long-lasting, high-performing concrete and asphalt highway/road repair products. Specially formulated and hot-applied, they are used for everything from crack and spall repair to rumble strip remediation and utility trench and expansion joint filler. Additional maintenance and repair products include crack sealant, methacrylate and cementitious repair mortars, coating systems and full deck waterproofing. 


System Advantages:

  • Fast cure systems for quick return to service
  • Flexible, ultra-strong repair systems
  • Effective sealing properties to prevent the further degradation of roads and highways
  • Extends road service life, deferring the need for costly concrete panel replacement or full asphalt overlay replacement
  • Most systems install at low temperatures subject only to dry conditions, allowing for repair work in cold weather months



  • Road and highway maintenance and repair of spalls, cracks, defects, rumble strips, potholes, shoulder joint separation, transition joints, and fixtures
  • Transit walkways and drive areas
  • Airport tarmac and runway repair
  • Bridge deck and expansion joint repair





Greyseal 6690

Matacrete Ready Rep

Matacryl Sealer