Sheet Waterproofing Membranes


Mataproof DualProof Sheet Waterproofing Membrane

DualProof is a PVC membrane system co-extruded with PP-Fleece to create a self-healing system that prevents lateral water movement between the membrane and concrete. It is used to waterproof below grade concrete structures, foundations and tunnels.


System Benefits:

  • DualProof C features PVC-sealing membrane co-extruded with PP-Fleece
  • Dualproof CS features PVC-sealing membrane co-extruded with polymer impregnated PP-Fleece that swells when in contact with water
  • Overlaps can be bonded with CEM805 Adhesive or heat welded
  • High aging resistance and durable barrier against mechanical stresses, radon gas and water pressure
  • Highly flexible and crack bridging capability in case of concrete cracks caused by shrinkage or movement
  • Self-healing properties of DualProof CS offer reliable protection in post-applied applications


  • Below grade structure waterproofing - horizontal and vertical
  • Tunnels
  • Transit stations with below grade elements

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