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Fibrejoint Asphaltic Plug Joint

Fibrejoint Asphaltic Plug Joint Systems are designed for low movement joints, typically on bridge approaches. Fibrejoint material is a hot-applied, polymer-modified asphalt binder and specific aggregates placed into a prepared expansion joint block out to provide a flexible, water-resistant joint with a quiet, smooth-riding surface. It utilizes a high-temperature tolerant backer rod and 1/4” thick x 8” wide, steel bridge deflection plate.

 System Benefits:

  • Flexible and durable
  • Aggregate has a high PSV value and is a double-washed, dried granite
  • Joint extends across the full length of the roadway and into verges
  • Layer of crushed topping stone provides a tack free surface and compaction of the joint
  • Watertight to protect bridge substructure
  • Rapid installation and easily repaired
  • Versatile & adaptable depending on job site conditions


  • Bridges & Highways


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