Rail Stabilization


Mataguard GenieMat Ballast Mat

Mataguard GenieMat is a proprietary, isolation technology for rail systems. It consists of a reinforced rebonded rubber designed to provide vibration reduction and prevent premature ballast degradation. Mataguard GenieMat may be bonded to Matacryl RB wateproofing systems using Matacryl Adhesive. It is available in three capacity ranges with consistent top layer thickness and varying isolation layer thicknesses. 

Mataguard GenieMat is supplied in 48" wide panels to specified lengths. 

System Benefits:

  • Reduces vibration and premature ballast degradation
  • Textured upper surface for track bed stability and protection against contaminants
  • Fabric reinforced subsurface for strength and load distribution
  • Profiled underside to permit unrestricted subsurface drainage in all directions
  • Suitable for service where temperatures range between -4 and 158 °F (-20 and 70 °C)