Movement Joint Seal Systems


ES Seal for Movement Joints

The ES Seal System is an ideal solution for joints where large movements are expected because of temperature effect, settlement or seismic activities. The construction of the polymer seal consists of layers of reinforcement combined with layers of a specific polymer compound that matches the movement characteristics of the joint. The system is designed using force-compression curves and elongation limits at various water pressure, meeting performance and safety requirements. The clamping arrangement keeps the seal in place and makes the joint watertight for the lifetime of the structure. The relaxation effect of the seal design virtually eliminates any maintenance needed to keep the system performing. Based on material testing, ES Seals have a projected service life of over 100 years in an operating environment between -23 F to 160 F (-30C to 71 C). (-30 C to 71 C) when protected from contact with hazardous or corrosive materials.


System Benefits:

  • accommodates large movements 1” and up and various types of movements (P-S-Raley and Love waves)
  • performs under high water pressure from 45 psi and up
  • widths from 240 mm to 2000 mm (9 inches to 6.5 feet)
  • typical movement ranges: -40 mm/+60 mm to -200 mm/+600 mm (-1.5 inches/+2.4 inches to -7.9 inches/+23.6 inches)
  • may be used on both new construction or remedial underground projects
  • design allows for easy installation in confined spacing removing barriers to use
  • complementary line of sheet waterproofing membrane, liquid-applied waterproofing, water stops, seals and hoses provide for single source waterproofing


  • Tunnel to station connections
  • Tunnel segment connections
  • Underground structure to structure
  • Above ground water containment: aqueducts, sluices, canals
  • Any underground application where pressure meets movement