Transflex HM Expansion Joint

Mechanical Expansion Joints


Transflex Reinforced Elastomeric Joint System

Transflex bridge joints comprise steel angles and a steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer.

They come in module lengths designed to be bolted to the structural concrete on either side of the expansion gap. A range of models accommodates movement up to 13 inches by shear deformation of the elastomer between the steel components. The system simultaneously provides a substantially waterproof joint and a smooth running surface.

The elastomer case is highly resistant to oils and solvent spillage. The trafficked surface includes an anti-skid pattern for safety. Each model is specifically designed to accommodate horizontal and skew movement and will also accommodate vertical movement due to rotation of up to 1/4".



  • Movement accommodation up to 13 inches

  • Corrosion-resistant elastomer casing

  • Skew movement accommodation

  • Factory vulcanized curb and skew curb units to special order

  • Membrane system included for maximum waterproofing



  • Highway bridge decks

  • Service ramps

  • Multi-story parking decks


USL America