Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes


Matacryl PS Protective Waterproofing System

Matacryl PS is a waterproof coating system utilizing PUMA membrane technology to protect concrete structures and substructures, both exposed and covered or backfilled. Matacryl
PS consists of a primer base with a Matacryl membrane layer for waterproofing and impact protection. On applications where the surface will be left exposed, Matacryl STC may be used for protection against UV degradation.


System Benefits:

  • Spray application option for overhead and vertical applications
  • Rapid setting, even in extreme conditions allows for in plant or field application in all climates, seasons and geographies
  • High-abrasion and chemical resistance protects substrates in dry, damp and wet conditions
  • Precast highway dividers, concrete utility fixtures, and other infrastructure elements that require waterproofing and protection from the ingress of salt, chemicals and other contaminants


  • Cut and cover tunnels
  • Precast and cast in place concrete bridge components
  • Earth-filled overpass bridges
  • Certain below grade waterproofing applications

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