Joint Fill and Repair Material


Matacrete Ready Rep

Matacrete Ready Rep is a methyl methacrylate polymer concrete patch, repair and re-profiling mortar. Fast setting and non-sensitive to extreme hot and cold ambient temperatures, Ready Rep is ideal for use as header material in the repair of armored expansion joint systems. Ready Rep cures in less than hour, and achieves compressive strength of over 10,000 psi in one hour for quick return to service of repaired areas. 

System Benefits:

  • Cures in one hour or less for fast return to service; requires no curing compounds or complicated methods of other fast set, cementitious products
  • Installs in extreme temperatures, even below freezing - LT low temperature variant avialable
  • Bonds to Matacryl waterproofing systems for seamless integration of repairs and full deck structure rehab projects
  • 28 day compressive strength > 14,000 psi
  • Supplied in kits - one bag of powder to one pail of resin
  • may be extended with aggregate for deeper repairs


  • Expansion joint header repair
  • New expansion joint header fill