Foam Expansion Joints


Mataspan OC2000/OC2000B Precompressed Foam Expansion Joint

Mataspan’s best-in-class, pre-compressed and acrylic-impregnated foam products for horizontal joint applications are specifically engineered for infrastructure projects. Our expansion joints provide optimal waterproofing and adhesion to meet global performance standards and feature superior durability, excellent movement capabilities, and
streamlined installation. Mataspan expansion joints coupled with Matacryl deck systems provide full surface solutions for infrastructure applications.


Mataspan OC2000 is a pre-compressed, self-expanding foam joint sealant with a traffic-grade silicone coating engineered for horizontal applications subject to solvents and fuels, such as those found in road and bridge joints and airport runways. Mataspan OC2000 is designed to provide a maximum seal in structures with shear and rapid movement. It is made from a foundation of super- resilient, micro-cell, cross-linked polyurethane foam with a hydrophobic acrylic emulsion.

System Benefits:

  • Allows for up to 100% (+/- 50%) movement from mean joint size
  • Monolithic foam with no unbonded laminations
  • Designated as a dual expansion joint seal
  • Advanced polymer impregnation without heavy fillers


  • Bridge expansion joints
  • Horizontal movement joints in transit system platforms and ramps