Foam Expansion Joints


Mataspan CC4000/4000C

Mataspan CC4000 is a preformed, compressible system that is impermeable to moisture and provides a watertight seal. It meets all applicable standards for compressible sealants and performs under extreme conditions including bridge and highway expansion joints. It provides a watertight, dustproof, airtight, UV-stable, chemical-resistant, soundproof, and insulated seal. Mataspan CC4000 is made from durable, low density closed-cell, cross-linked ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) co-polymer foam.

System Benefits:

  • Unique profile for easier installation and less tension
  • Closed-cell foam provides excellent compression, tension and shear capabilities
  • Monolithic foam won’t delaminate like multi-layer products
  • CC4000C has a traffic grade silicone skin on exposed face


  • Bridge expansion joints
  • Movement joints on transit platforms and drive lanes
  • Movement joint filler on concrete panel roadways and sidewalks
  • Joint filler on prefabricated or precast concrete deck panels