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Matacrete Sprayable Concrete


Matacrete Sprayable Concrete

Matacrete Sprayable Concrete is a pre-packed, one-component, polymer-modified spray repair mortar containing an integral corrosion inhibitor. This mortar is designed for spray or hand trowel applications and is ideal for large repairs to reinforced concrete structures that have been damaged by reinforcement corrosion or frost attack. Matacrete Sprayable Concrete is fiber-reinforced and is combined with graded aggregates and polymers to improve strength, bond, and sprayability.


System Benefits
• Excellent durability and resistance to water, frost, and salt attack
• Rapid strength development
• Excellent high build characteristics
• Silica fume and polymer enhanced
• Excellent adhesion to correctly prepared substrates
• One-component, only requires the addition of water
• Formulated using corrosion inhibitors
• Suitable for repairs from 3/8” to 2”

• Bridges
• Retaining walls
• Tunnels
• Reservoirs and other water industry structures
• Building facades
• Marine structures
• Interior/exterior use

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