Cementitious Mortars


HP Concrete & PM Mortar

Matacrete HP Concrete polymer-modified cementitious concrete is a pre-packed shrinkage compensated repair concrete that contains corrosion inhibitors to protect the reinforcing steel. It is micro-silica modified to give it high strength and is premixed with pea gravel. It is also compatible with galvanic anodes. This mortar is suitable for all concrete repairs from a depth of 1” to full depth. It requires only clean water and is easy to mix and place.

Matacrete PM Mortar is chosen to repair smaller sections from feather edge to 1” deep, mainly in horizontal applications. 


System Benefits
• Excellent adhesion to dense concrete and steel
• Single-component materials to allow easy mixing and placement
• Excellent workability and finishing properties
• Good resistance to water, frost, and salt penetration
• Low permeability
• Long term durability

• Repair damaged concrete both in situ and precast
• Repair damaged floors, bridge decks, and road surfaces
• Screeding where abrasion- and/or water-resistance is required
• Repair spalled columns and beams using formwork

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