Cementitious Mortars


Matacrete Rapid Set Bedding Mortar

Matacrete Bedding Mortar is characterized by its built-in strength development, which enables work to be done with minimum disruption. It is ideal for bedding and raising manhole frames and as a rapid-setting repair mortar in lightly trafficked pedestrian areas. This is a single-component, rapid-setting, cementitious repair mortar designed for both interior and exterior use. Matacrete Bedding Mortar can be used for light duty pedestrian applications plus vertical and overhead concrete repairs.


System Benefits
• Rapid-setting characteristics
• Interior/exterior use
• Compatible with cathodic protection systems
• High compressive strength
• Excellent adhesion to dense concrete and steel
• Simple to use; only requires the addition of clean water
• Excellent workability and finishing properties
• May be used for repairs up to 4” deep
• Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles

• Bedding and raising manhole frames
• Fixing street furniture
• Rapid setting posts and railings
• High strength repair mortar
• Bedding for copings
• Vertical and overhead repairs

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