Bridge Bearings


Ekspan G Series Spherical Bearings

Ekspan spherical structural bearings are designed to permit angular rotations around any axis. Fixed, free and constrained bearings are available as standards to support loads up to 8,768 Kips.


The bearings are manufactured to meet all known quality standards throughout the world.

Spherical G bearings are available in three forms:

  • 10G Fixed
  • 11G Free to move in one horizontal direction
  • 12G Free to move in any horizontal direction



Fixing holes are provided in the top and base members of the bearings. This enables a variety of attachment methods. Ekspan standard fixtures are designed to ensure the bearings can be removed as simply as possible. 


These structural bearings are manufactured to close tolerances by skilled technicians working in clean conditions. To obtain the requisite performance from bearings it is imperative that they are properly handled at the work site and installed with the same care as they were assembled in the factory.  See the brochure for additional technical and installation information.