Bridge Bearings


D Series Line Rocker Bearings

The D Series is a range of line rocker fixed and ptfe sliding bearings to support loads of 22  - 1911 Kips. The D Series is designed to suit a comprehensive range of requirements.

Ekspan DE range of rocker bearings are designed to allow the correct transfer of load while allowing rotation about a single axis. The bearings are also designed to either allow or restrain translations depending on your requirements. The standard load capacities are shown below, however larger bearings can be manufactured upon request.


Bearing Types

  • 10D Fixed Bearing - No horizontal movement
  • 11D Constrained Bearing - Horizontal movement in one direction only
  • 12D Free Bearing - Horizontal movement in any direction



Three alternative attachment arrangements are available:

  • Suffix N - No fixings*
  • Suffix P - Bolting lugs
  • Suffix Q - Dowel bars

*10D and 11D types must be positively located. If suffix N is specified, the top and base plates must be adequately attached to the adjacent members eg by welding


Concrete Stress

At maximum combined vertical and horizontal load under full 0.02 radians rotation, the peak concrete stress is 3626 psi.


Load Capacities:

  • Vertical load capacity up to 1,349 Kips
  • Horizontal load capacity up to 133 Kips
  • Rotational capacity up to 0.02 Radians



  • Fully welded sliding surfaces
  • Fully certified EN compliant materials
  • 0mm vertical deflection
  • Ideal for long span rail structures