Bridge Bearings


Ekspan KA Series Bearings

Ekspan KA Series Bearings are structural bearings manufactured to international quality standards.  The standard range comprises multi-axis rotation bearings in fixed, constrained (or guided) and free configurations to support loads up to 6,744 Kips.

Current design practice has demonstrated the need for a range of bearings with higher horizontal load capacity. To accommodate these requirements and the more usual requirements economically, two ranges of fixed and constrained bearings are now offered.



Bearing types 

KA series bearings are available in three forms:

  • 30 KA   Fixed
  • 31 KA   Free to move in one horizontal direction
  • 22 KA   Free to move in any horizontal direction



Fixing holes are provided in the top and base members of the bearings. This enables a variety of attachment methods. Standard fixtures are designed to ensure the bearings can be removed as simply as possible.


Support and Installation Important - See pages 11 - 13 of the Ekspan brochure for installation and maintenance. If the bearings are to be installed on a steel spreader plate, Ekspan must be notified.  The overall height will be reduced by 3mm in these cases.


Concrete stress 

Where suitable reinforcement of the concrete has been provided the allowable concrete stress is dependent on the relative dimensions of the bearing/structure interface, the total support area and the characteristic strength of the concrete. The stress on the structure should, therefore, be checked to ensure that it is acceptable. At the maximum vertical load capacity tabulated the mean stress approaches 2900 psi.


Design loads

The designation of loadings varies depending on the design code employed. The tabulated load capacities list Maximum vertical load, at which load the base concrete stress is 2900 psi maximum.  The working stress / serviceability limit state maximum loads are determined by the allowable PTFE stresses.


Sub plates

Details of sub plates are shown on each bearing type. These could be optional depending on the need for new build or bearing replacement.Please state when specifying with plates as detailed.



All the bearings can rotate at least 0.01 radians about any horizontal axis.Higher rotations may be possible dependent on load combinations. Please send load data to our engineers who will be happy to advise.

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